The Roundtable Podcast 2019

Podcast 100: Kenn Richard
Podcast 99: Mike DeGagné
Podcast 98: Rick Harp
Podcast 97: Christopher Stroop
Podcast 96: Shelagh Rogers
Podcast 95: Indigenous, Canadian, Indigenous-Canadian, or …?
Podcast 94: Constance Brissenden
Podcast 93: Terry Goodtrack
Podcast 92: Angie Abdou and Frank Busch
Podcast 91: Aylan Couchie
Podcast 90: Cindy Blackstock
Podcast 89: Georges Erasmus
Podcast 88: Tim Fontaine
Podcast 87: Robert Jago
Podcast 86: Douglas Hunter
Podcast 85: Gary Geddes
Podcast 84: Jorge Barrera
Podcast 83: Jon Kay

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