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The Roundtable Podcasts, 2012 to present.

Podcast 82

Crash Vegas | The World’s Greatest Radio Juggler | What to Serve When Bombing | The Week in Pork Futures | Sean Spicer’s Letters Home | The Autonomous Space Agency Network Protests in Space

Podcast 81

Curse You, Trump Opponents | The Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race | Sean Spicer Kindergarten Press Briefing (The Daily Show) | Bingo Number of the Week | Newspaper Comment Section Default Avatar Guy | Introducing TREMENDOUS CLOTH!

Podcast 80

Senator Beyak and Tactile Close Encounters of a New Kind | My New Mike Pence Purity Rules | Jared Kushner’s Mar-a-Lago One-Stop Shopping Mall of America

Podcast 79

Trump’s Budget Will Fix America | EXCLUSIVE: This Podcast Has The President’s Tax Return! | Kim Jong Un vs. President Trump Cage Match

Podcast 78

Week of 30.01.2017

Christian Jihad | An Interview with Frederick Douglass | Busyness

The Roundtable Podcast 78

Terry Glavin on President Obama’s Legacy: Podcast 77

Week of 23.01.2017

The Legacy of President Barack Obama: an interview with Terry Glavin

The Roundtable Podcast 77

The Inauguration Episode: Podcast 76

Week of 16.01.2017

The Scottish Twilight Zone Inauguration Preview | The Two Donald Trumps | Totally All-American Karaoke Springsteen Inauguration Party

The Roundtable Podcast 76