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Podcast 024 | Week of 30.12.2012


Download entire podcast (320 kbps mp3).

Author: Wayne K. Spear


One thought

  1. Wayne K. Keep up your words, voice. It’s important now with Idle No More and Chief Spence’ call.
    We have to get back to common sense.
    Our govt always forgets who put them there. Less than 50% of eligible voters.
    BC Govt stays as far away from doing their job as the leg isnt even in house. Instead much spent on photo ops & billions on a bridge which cant hold up to climate change. But who is admitting to that. Our science & research even stats are being muzzled.
    Idle No More is a good movement. So many are fed up with the great divide and the entitlement elected people feel. Sadly the voters didn’t vote.
    Hannora, Mohawk Woman.


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