Strivers, voyagers, connectors, dreamers

Goals, diversions, relationships, ideas. ✎ By Wayne K. Spear

Some lives are lived with purpose. The people who live these lives are all about results. Inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and politicians often fall into this category. When these people succeed, they make the history books.

Some lives are lived for the journey. The people who live for the voyage are not interested in results. They care about motion. Curiosity, a sense of wonder, the joy of discovery, and aesthetic beauty launch them into the world.

Some lives are lived for people. These lives are seen through the lens of relationships. Relationship people want to make deep connections. When they have a bonding experience, the experience is positive.

Some lives are lived for ideas and the play of mind. These lives can seem lonely and isolated to others, but the people who live for ideas have a rich and vibrant inner life. They will never be in the movies or on the news, but in their imaginations an extraordinary drama, much more compelling to them than the mundane world of pop culture, unfolds.

3 thoughts on “Strivers, voyagers, connectors, dreamers”

  1. Ha, I hear you, Justin. Same here. I used to be all about the journey, but as I get older I realize I want to accomplish things in my life. People are complex—most of us are not just one thing all the time!

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