Chinua Achebe, Jason Molina, Malala Yousafzai, History Channel, Sasquatch, Buttocks and Beer

Podcast 35 | Week of 24.03.2013

Chinua Achebe

Article of the Week: Why Canada Needs the Sasquatch, Vice Magazine.

Download entire podcast (320 kbps mp3).

Author: Wayne K. Spear

2 thoughts

  1. Mar 24 podcast
    I enjoy the mix of music, audio clips, current and past new events and discussion of Canadian and global issues.
    Your reference to Voyager and space – “sending stuff out into space…”. Interesting, as that is exactly what your podcast does.
    Ilike it & will consider doinga podcast myself.
    Pleased to know you went to Queens. That was an unfulfilled dream of mine.
    Hannora, Mohawk Woman.


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