Taking control

You are the boss of this. ✎ By Wayne K. Spear

No one can control the weather. We can only control how we dress for it.

Sometimes the things we can’t control are life-and-death things. We can’t ignore life-and-death matters, nor should we. All we can control is our response to, and our management of, them.

You can’t make someone be nice to you. You can’t make someone else care. Whether or not you are nice, and whether or not you care, is within your control.

Maybe you will win the lottery. Maybe not.

Lotteries are random. But even random acts, such as random acts of kindness, are within your control—if they are your acts.

Sometimes, when I’m about to check my email, I’ve found myself wondering whether today is a day there will be something exciting, special, and memorable in my inbox.

Then I realize that I can control exciting, special, and memorable email—by sending it to someone.

Draw up a list of things you control. It can be anything: what you have for breakfast, what route you take to work, what you say today to colleagues, how you react to stressful things, what you choose to think about yourself.

Is there any way you can change, improve, or nourish the things you control.

Cultivate these things. Enjoy being in control of them.

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