The world’s most effective people use this simple formula

Junior Detective
Photo “junior detective” courtesy of Jessica Lucia on Flickr

What sets the geniuses apart—in journalism, entrepreneurship, cosmology, business innovation, and the arts?

It’s not the school they went to. Some of the world’s most successful and brilliant people never had a formal education.

It’s not good luck, or connections. It’s not hard work, although hard work helps.

The world’s most effective people use a simple formula. With it, they get powerful insights that they can then use to reach their destination.

Here is the formula:

Ask good questions and have the tenacity to get answers

What is a good question?

A good question is clear, specific, and strategic. It’s a laser-guided missile. The person who asks good questions may not know the answers, but she knows where the answers are. Not just any answer: the true answer.

To get to the true answer, you have to be patient. You may have to ask the question two, three, or more times. You’ll have to knock down doors. Some answers prefer to go undiscovered. Some are shocking, embarrassing, or scandalous. Only the brave and tireless will discover them.

Learn how to ask good questions, and be tenacious.

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