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The idea virus

Image “Cold?” courtesy of Allan Foster on Flickr When you ride the subway in fall, you’re reminded that this is the time of year when people share an invisible gift called The Cold. There are hundreds of viruses that cause… Read More ›

On giving up

Photo “Shot Put” courtesy of Daniel Wetzel on Flickr Every success is the culmination of a series of failures. To get it right once you have to get it wrong a hundred, maybe a thousand, times. Then you get it… Read More ›

What is your value?

Photo “Beauty Is Simplicity” courtesy of Reji, on Flickr We express value, and we hold values. Honesty, authenticity, courage, beauty, integrity. Our values are conceived in the abstract realm and negotiated in the material world of objects. They are subjective… Read More ›

Money and wealth

Capitalism, entrepreneurship, industry. These terms are often used inter-changeably, but they are not the same. Capitalism is a system of social, political, and economic governance. It is the rule of capital, of property, of surplus value. In a capitalist society,… Read More ›

Workplace Moves

What are your workplace options? It’s time to check, mate. ✎ By Wayne K. Spear In my consulting work, I meet people who are unsatisfied in their workplace role. They like their organization, and want to stay in it, but… Read More ›