Mr. Crusher’s brand

The color of my brand is gold, tremendous 24k gold. You know when you see the gold of my brand that my brand is rich, so it is powerful, so it is number one and nothing and no one is above or even equal to my brand. My brand is the ultimate, the best, the winner. Whenever it is written, it is written in large letters, the largest letters, the large 24k gold of the winner who is above all else. No name shall be bigger. If there is another name, the name of my brand shall be the largest name, in fact it shall be the largest of all the words, of all the other words that are near. No other name shall surpass the name of my brand, ever.

My brand is success and winning. It is power. Not only power in itself, but power above all other power, beyond all rivals, the most powerful. Any brand that challenges my brand will be crushed, destroyed, annihilated, without mercy. My brand must dominate and surpass, everywhere. When my brand is in the room, it will be noticed, first and foremost and always. It will take centre stage, and hold centre stage, and possess centre stage, and all attention shall be on my brand, by whatever means necessary and at any cost.

You will pay for my brand. It is a luxury brand, a brand that values itself very highly and expects your admiration and loyalty. My brand takes itself very seriously and whatever it costs, you will pay. My brand will not negotiate or compromise or capitulate, it will win, and you will pay. Wherever you are, you will pay. My brand is everywhere in the world, in every country and city, or it will be soon, winning. My brand is bold, aggressive, masculine, focused. My brand has stamina, and it seeks out and attacks the weak and the vulnerable. It competes and dominates. My brand knows the weakness of others. My brand does not hesitate to attack. My brand enjoys war.

My brand has been on towers, television, vodka, jets, shirts, ties, jewelry, resorts, steaks. This is only the beginning. My brand is now on an entire nation. I am branding the most powerful country in the world with my brand of power. Power upon power, my power leveraging power, building power upon power. My brand is omnipresent. It is on every newspaper and magazine, it fills your social media and your inbox. You cannot escape my brand. It is everywhere and growing. My brand conquers. There is no resisting my brand, Go ahead and try, you will fail, and my brand will win. It is that simple.

My brand is power. My brand knows no border or boundary, of geography or taste or ambition. My brand is not limited by morality, precedent, law, decorum, scruple, or the weakness of my competitors. When my brand destroys, it enhances its power, it does not harm the power of my brand. When my brand shocks, it gets attention, and attention is power, and my brand is power.

My brand goes forth in the world without boundaries or borders, and it conquers. My brand does this for my brand, for the sake of doing so. Conquest for its own sake, winning for its own sake, power for its own sake. My brand above all others, above all else. You shall place no other brand before me.

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