The National Security Advisor’s General Theory of Everything

I begin with a premise. The world is mad. It must be laboured into a form of sanity. From the premise flows the conclusion. Sanity is a form. It is not a substance. If it were a substance we should not know sanity. Not until we have known the substance of sanity. The substance however can only be found through a process. Through the labor itself. Sanity is the labor. It is the process. It is independent and irrespective of substance. The substance comes later. It comes after the labor. It is a result of the labor.

From this it follows that the more the labor, the more the sanity. The more strenuous and reaching the process, the greater the end result. The greater the sanity. The more certain one is of the laboriousness of the process, the more convinced one may be of the soundness of the conclusion.

The easiest thing is of course to read the papers or to ask an expert. It is likewise easy to merely absorb, as a sponge absorbs, the common wisdom. Logically speaking it is unsound to do these things. It is unsound to do what is easy. It is madness to go in search of one’s truth ready-made. To find it waiting in plain sight. To absorb it as found. Because it is easy to take the world at its face value, the thing must be avoided. Because it is much harder, indeed infinitely harder, to see what is not there and to discover what is not discoverable. I mean, discoverable by the majority of the world. The wise man takes the position that what he seeks is hidden from view.

It is easy to say that the world is round. Or that men landed on the moon. So I will not say it. It is too easy to say. In contrast, it is hard to theorize a network of dark and invisible forces. Forces which, through the application of sustained and systemic deception across vast space and time, have duped the incredulous. Duped them into believing that the world is round and that men have landed on the moon. Such diabolical deceptions require extreme sophistication. They require efforts of clandestine global co-operation. Putting this all together is likewise a work of extraordinary labor. But the labor must be undertaken. In the name of sanity it must be done.

President Crusher is keenly interested in my theories as they relate to sanity. We can test the theories. What is more likely, and what is more sane? The proposition that Mr Crusher’s predecessor is a Kenyan Marxist? A demon sent to destroy America? To usher in the End Times? Or the proposition that he was born in Hawaii? That he carries a Hawaiian birth certificate, ready-made for our consumption, plays entirely into my theory of the Greater Labor. Trust not your eyes. Look more deeply. Travel to the edges of the known universe. Seek out the hidden truth.

The President-elect agrees with me in every detail. So too the members of his cabinet. We have learned to disabuse ourselves of the errors of scientists and academics. The thing that feels the most impossible, the most expensively and laboriously had thing, must also be the true thing.

The false flag operation. The dangers of vaccination. The Prophecies. The End Times. The unipolar global world order of the secret cabal. All are a labor to discern. All are a labor to assemble. To labor them into being is a work of sanity. A work of sanity of the highest order. To believe one’s eyes is madness. To trust the evidence as it comes is madness. To absorb the ready evidence is madness. Those who insist upon the absorbing and upon the evidence are our enemies. He who has rejected the unlabored out-in-the-open theory is a friend.