The Orange Menace and the Spirit of MLK

in the dark pushing the tiny buttons the tiny buttons and soon morning in the dark pushing tiny buttons almost and hit send that will show the loser who is the stronger my army of angry followers my army so angry we are strong they will see how strong how so so and i am the president greater than all others the winner strong damien crusher has won has destroyed the others the president leader of the world the leader of the world i am that i am that i am

Sunlight clefts the night on the horizon. Sunlight punches through and it is over, for now, the night is over.

i will keep it and the other two so i’ve got 46 million that’s a lot really a lot but 46 million including facebook twitter instagram 46 million just let that build up build build up up up and just keep it it’s working I can go bing bing bing and they put it on and as soon as I do fox nbc cnn all of them it is breaking news the world breaking news the world everyone breaking and just my finger bing bing bing the world breaking bing bing my finger only and the world breaking just a finger my finger mine the power

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. A spirit appears before the President-elect.

“I have a dream,” says the spirit.
“I also have a dream,” says the President-elect.
“My dream is justice. My dream is dignity. My dream is an America free of hate. For that dream I gave my life.”

my dream is a tower of gold no one can assail and at the top of the tower the tallest of all towers the name CRUSHER and my family my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren for ever america’s most powerful family a dynasty a name the best name the greatest empire above all names above all families above all empires the greatest the greatest of all time CRUSHER my dream of winning of the best of gold beyond gold where no one may look down upon me where my name is mighty where praise upon our greatness the best

“Tell me your dream, Mr, Crusher,” says the spirit.
“America will be great again, just tremendous, everyone will have health care,” says the President-elect. “It will be tremendous health care, the best health care. We will take care of everyone. All the jobs will come back. We will win again and we will win so big we will get tired of winning.”

The spirit says nothing. He casts an incredulous eye upon the orange menace, who sits on the toilet with a knot of pyjama at the ankles, the phone in his hand.

“John Lewis was a friend of mine,” says the spirit. “On that famous day when I said ‘I have a dream,’ John Lewis had a question of his own. His question was directed to the American government: ‘Which side are you on?’ And so I ask you, Mr Crusher, which side will you be on when you are the President?”
“I am on the side of America,” says Mr. Crusher.
“What do you mean?” asks the spirit.
“I will make America great again.”
“That is a slogan, Mr, Crusher. You have spent your life enriching yourself at the expense of others. You have spent your life amassing fame and power and gold for yourself. You have spent your life attacking and exploiting people of lesser power, of lesser political strength, of lesser wealth. You have labored long and hard on behalf of your own personal glory. So I ask you again, whose side are you on?”
“You are being unfair,” says the President-elect. “I’ve created jobs. I have a tremendous business.”
“And this business has served you very well indeed,” says the spirit.
“Are you going to haunt me like this, every year?” says the President-elect.
“A man may only haunt himself,” says the spirit. “Provided he has a conscience.”
“I will show you today that I am a good man. I will tweet something nice on your day,” says Mr Crusher.
“Your kind words will be meaningless,” says the spirit, “if your actions betray them.”