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Personal Essays

If it weren’t for my education, I’d be merely normal | READ “HOW I SURVIVED MY EDUCATION”

When I was a teenager, my grandmother told me: stay in school and don’t get married until you are thirty. Her advice guided my entire life | READ “MY GRANDMOTHER

As I look back across the years and over the landscape of my childhood, one egregious figure visible on the distant field is the school bully | READ “THE BULLIES

My grandfather rarely referred to his years at the Mush Hole, where hunger drove him to dig for potatoes by moonlight | READ “THE MUSH HOLE”



Having 150ish followers on Twitter is basically like finishing in last place on the Internet, behind egg-gravatar people who tweet nothing but emoticons and Lolz. | READ “HOW HARD COULD IT BE TO HAVE A BILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS?

Some genius entrepreneur came up with an idea: let’s make cigarettes electric. This genius entrepreneur called his invention an e-cigarette, which I guess meant up until that point the cigarettes we’d all been smoking were acoustic cigarettes. | READ “CIGARETTES WERE BETTER WHEN THEY WERE ACOUSTIC.

The upside of being old is that you’ve learned from experience. So today I’m going to tell all you kids a few things. | READ “DON’T DO DRUGS, YOUNG PEOPLE. THAT IS MY JOB.

Kids take everything as it’s presented to them, and with music this makes for some interesting experiences. | READ “THIS WAS MY BRAIN ON 70s SONGS.


The Arts

What did the peasant literary genius really think about Russian society? | READ “READING CHEKHOV’S STORIES

Why I’ve had a life-long fascination with Goya | READ “GOYA AND ME

Hemingway is said to have read his obituary each morning with a glass of champagne | READ “THE  OBITUARY

Whether you love him or hate him, he changed popular music | READ “JOHN LENNON



How Canada tried to solve its “Indian Problem” | READ “INDIAN RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS

In the 1950s, Canada moved twenty-two Inuit families thousands of kilometres to the barren landscapes of Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord | READ “THE HIGH ARCTIC RELOCATION

The Roma have been persecuted throughout history, and it’s time we acknowledged it | READ “ROMA AND THE DEBTS OF HISTORY

Here’s why you won’t learn about what really happened in Indian residential schools from Canada’s archives | READ “HOW TO LOOK AT CANADA’S RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL ARCHIVES



One usually makes you feel pretty good, and the other always makes you feel like the world is full of shits | READ “A VIEW FROM THE STADIUM: POLITICS AND SPORT

Did you know that Disney makes leftist propaganda? Here’s how they do it | READ “DEMOCRACY A LA DISNEY

His timeless message is that your neighbour has the right to piss you off | READ “THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BERTRAND RUSSELL


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