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The McLaughlin Buick, a King, and the Great American Novel

1927 McLaughlin Buick

IN OUR AGE of traffic congestion and global terrorism, we’ve forgotten the time in which the prospect of travel by automobile or airplane summoned notions of luxury and elegance. The author Peter Pigott, who has produced a number of books on these and other modes of transport, rehearses in his “Royal Transport: An Inside Look at The History of British Royal Travel” the long and intimate relationship of British royalty to the Canadian made McLaughlin-Buick — one of which is soon to be auctioned in the United Kingdom.

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The King’s Speech and The Revenge of Metaphor

King George VI

it is difficult to go on believing in the essentially conservative idea of nobility when you have regarded the dripping underpants of the Prince hanging upon the line

✎  WAYNE K. SPEAR | DECEMBER 29, 2010 • Film


HERE WAS A remarkable showing of blue in the theatre this week when I saw The King’s Speech, which is why I begin with remarking it. It indicates that most of this audience would have been alive in 1936, when Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor assumed the throne of the United Kingdom, just abdicated by his brother, thereby becoming King George VI. Continue reading The King’s Speech and The Revenge of Metaphor