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The Roundtable Podcast 49

Week of 04.08.2013


The T-shirt Turns 100 | John Baird encourages caution for Canadian travellers and diplomats after U.S. alert | Big tobacco seizure at Fort Erie bridge | Recommended Article: What religion has contributed to the world this month | Michael George Ansara: 1922-2013 | Senate reform | Texas faces possible shortage of execution drug | Gretzky’s childhood Koho stick fetches $38,838 in auction | Man who showed journalists alleged Rob Ford crack video arrested, offered tape to police for plea deal | NDP take two as PCs crack Toronto | Man tries to hide turtle in burger to sneak it past airport security

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Stephen Harper has good reason to be skeptical of the United Nations

Stephen Harper and the UN

RISING BY NECESSITY from the ash of its discredited predecessor, the United Nations on the 24th of January 1946 adopted its first resolution —  a call for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, particularly of the atomic kind, and thereby for the exclusive, peaceful use of atomic energy.

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