Dear Readers: Which New Book Would YOU Most Like to Read?


GREETINGS, Friends and Comrades.

The last two weeks have been on the quiet side, here at this little website of mine. This is not due to any lack of activity, industry or interest. I am busily at work on finishing up books, and I’ve got some other projects on the go as well. Also, I’ve been doing more radio and TV work than usual. But the really engrossing news, for me at least, is that I’m developing my next book. Here are the outlines of several new works, one of which will be the focus of my year. I’d love to know what you think about each, and especially which you’d most like to read. Your comments and ideas are much appreciated ….

Book proposal 1: Native Land

A humorous, office-based fictional drama about a native owned and operated land management company called Native Land. This absurdist, politically charged and character driven comedy focuses on the office dynamics of a small but growing native firm located in a Canadian city.

Book proposal 2: Reconcilable Differences

A collection of non-fiction essays looking at today’s native issues with a historical perspective” energy, economics, land, demographics, life on the rez, language, identity, Idle No More, residential schools, demographics, and the relationship of native people and Canada. These essays employ honour and story-telling to take a unique perspective on critical issues in contemporary Canada. Includes interview material from individuals of note.

Book proposal 3: Georges Henry Erasmus – an authorized autobiography

Georges Henry Erasmus has been a Dene politician, leader and negotiator for over forty years. He was involved in every major issue from the ‘60s forward, including the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, the Constitution repatriation, Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords, the Oka conflict, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Indian residential schools. Based on interviews, this book will tell the story of one of the foremost Aboriginal leaders of the past forty years.

Book proposal 4: The Politics of Oil

In the near future, Canada will become one of the world’s top three energy economies. This development poses enormous political, social and economic challenges, yet the Government of Canada appears ready to march into this uncharted future with little more than a handful of omnibus bills and assurances that they are the best stewards of economic resources. This book will look critically, and in-depth, at the complex socio-economic and environmental issues Canada can expect to face as it joins oil countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Readers: Which New Book Would YOU Most Like to Read?”

  1. Book three and four if I have to choose I would choose three then four is a close second. Mags


  2. While I feel I would give all four a read as the required moods struck, the first one might offer you an outlet and a change of pace after finishing up your current project. I’m less inclined towards number three, but that’s probably because I know nothing about the man. Number two and number four both sound incredible relevant and worthwhile as well. There’s certainly no idea famine in your house, sir.

    Looking forward to picking up copies, whatever direction you choose.


  3. I would definitely read the first. I love a humorous story, However your second premise intrigues me, the more I understand my neighbours the better I understand myself. Plus we need or perhaps I need a sense of hope.


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