That Month I Decided to Respond To All My Spam


It’s Friday and sunny out, so here is a welcome-to-the-weekend post. Hope you enjoy it.

A FEW YEARS BACK I got tired of getting spam email. For some reason, there was a month when I suddenly got a huge surge of it. Now, most spam is just nonsense email generated by a computer somewhere. But some of it is less spam than scam, and as we all know a lot of spam nowadays preys on older folks who are vulnerable and not especially Internet saavy. This kind of spammer is particularly reprehensible, and I decided to do something about it. I started to mess with them. I set up an email account under the name Tyler H. Masterson, and for a month I responded to every spam message that looked like a real person was behind it. Some of these ended up being weeks of exchanges. I’ve lost most of them, and some were just me being rude, so rather than post a bunch of mean emails, I’ve selected a few of the more lighthearted, funny ones. Here we go ….

emails-1 emails-2 emails-3 emails-4 emails-5 emails-6 emails-7 emails-8 emails-9 emails-10
emails-11 emails-12

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3 responses to “That Month I Decided to Respond To All My Spam

  1. hannora froman

    ha ha. Carry on! Most of my funniest spam comes from Nigeria.
    Havent got hooked yet! Delete button works well.


  2. I have a lot of side projects. Or maybe it was boredom.


  3. You must have been really bored that month to do all this.


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