Becoming a Question Machine

Questions matter more than answers. If you have the right answers to the wrong questions, you have wrong answers. We’ve all had this kind of wrong answer.

I know I have.

According to James Altucher, action is a subset of an idea. Ideas matter. Maybe that’s why Altucher recommends we become Idea Machines.

I recommend that we become Question Machines, by asking ourselves:

What are my right questions?

My right questions are not your right questions. We are all at the unique intersection of a time and a place.

There are, however, universal questions. A universal question is a question you can ask anyone—a question that is relevant everywhere and at all times:

– What are your regrets?
– What gets you out of bed in the morning?
– What do you think about death?
– You have a time machine. Where are you going?

Today I am giving you my right questions. They also happen to be Bernadette Jiwa’s questions.  I used them to build my business, and it transformed how I thought about my work, and my life.

I was so impressed with the power of these questions that I now use them with my clients, to help them achieve focus in their business.

The results are always powerful.

Bernadette calls this the Difference Map. If you like this, please show her some love.

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