Rasah Lapin

When I runned for Vice President gosh you know our Heavenly Father was there with me running beside me like you know in that inspirational poster with the footprints in the sand on the beach where sometimes there is only one pair of footprints and that is like you know God carrying you. Because golly you know sometimes he carried me on the beach and so like there was only you know one set of footprints in the sand. It was God’s will that I runned for Vice President in 2008 and jeez we went in a wrong direction there as a country for eight years but it was God’s will that Mr. Crusher won I saw it. Everything is God’s will you know like that I runned and it was His will that I won but I didn’t won but it was God’s will and it wasn’t God’s will you know the last eight years of a wrong direction but now it is God’s will done praise God.

Our Founding Fathers dedicated this land America to God and darn it they said you know God this is Your land Lord bless it and God bless America and if I had wonned the Vice President I would have dedicated this land to God too like the Founding Fathers did by praying Dear Lord America is Your land under You dedicated to You serving You Your will be done not mine. Like shucks a great mighty wave of prayer warriors girding for battle to make this like you know a righteous country under God. On our knees to a Higher Power across this land in prayer to our Heavenly Father. He always does the right thing for America always even when it is not the right thing but it is you just have to believe because gosh He has mysterious ways.

I retreat to the woods where I live in a cabin to pray and to shoot and like you know to cross the snowy fields on my ATV sometimes with my husband Bott and our children Chip Dip Clip and Sip and we ride together on our ATVs and you can see the Majesty of God in nature and I shout Looky, a rabbit! and pow I shoot that rabbit you know and we have dominion you know subduing everything in nature the majestic and the delicious and the useful for our use like fur-lined jackets and lucky rabbits foots and stew and golly that is God’s will in action.

And wow today we have this new President and praise God He is working through him His righteous will being done you know. This man our new President is our voice he speaks for us and we speak through him like you know when the people are crying out Oh Lord and this man rises and he cries out Oh Lord not maybe exactly those words maybe he says fat loser but he is crying out and that is God’s mysterious ways. This President is our revolutionary saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done and exposing what needs to be exposed and you know clean what needs to be clean and break what needs broke and undo what needs undoned and fix what needs faxin and if it needs to be smelt than smell it you know. Shucks leave it alone if it need be left alone you know or maybe prod at it a little bit roll it over and take a look jeez kick those tires probably it needs to not be left alone likely something is wrong with it so yeah set to messing with it somehow praise God.

That’s all you need to do. Pray to our Heavenly Father. Read the Bible. Set to mending things. God is working through our new President. I see God working through everything you know the weather the majestic sunset the snowy field out on the ATV shooting you know critters and also He works through earthquakes and such. You just need to pray and trust in His will you know sometimes it is this or sometimes that but gosh you always know His will but jeez it is mysterious sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way but then you know when it’s something else that this is His will too. God has told me to run for office and that was His will for me to rise and lead but it is also His will for me to spend time with my family shooting and riding so I rise but I also shoot and I lead in my way but I also ride and I also have books that you can buy where I talk all about this as well as about Christmas and sheesh people say Happy Holiday but no it is Merry Christmas when we celebrate the birth of our savior Christ so yes go out and buy that book it is called Golly Gosh Darn available in stores and online $29.95.

I wrote many books a fellow helped me with the words and some of the stuff you put into the words or between the words like you know sprinkles of stuff like pepper in a rabbit stew so you know the sentence starts here and ends here or whatever who needs to know about that kind of thing? Golly I’m more interested in other things like being on television and talking and people listening to me and asking for me to autograph my book and then they are saying to me Rasah you have changed my life praise God I want to be more like you I have all your books Rasah! and I say That is so sweet gosh I am humbled by these words of yours I am just a humble servant of God will that be Visa or Mastercard?

If the President offers me a position in his cabinet as I think he is going to do then jeez I will go to the cabin you know and pray real hard as fierce as I have ever prayed to our Heavenly Father I will say Dear Lord Your will be done not mine. And then when I am in that cabinet doing God’s will then I will tell the people of this country to lift up the Lord and do His will and glorify His name. I will write a book about it too or you know I will say words and then my fellow will sprinkle these words into the sentency things like pepper in stew $29.95 in time for Christmas praise God His will be done not mine.

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