Election 2016

Mr. Leftright

I have worked out the most efficient way to ensure that there is change, by alternating my vote, in turn voting for the progressive candidate, who moves things forward, and then in turn for the conservative candidate, who moves things back. In other words I alternate back and forth, casting a vote for progress followed by a vote for conservation, every four years an alternating.

The President’s Spokesperson Speaks

All you need to understand is that we are going to make America great again. Great is a word, and it is a spirit. Yes, I am saying spirit again. I did say it, it’s no contradiction on my part to have said I didn’t ever say it, for when I said hope I was saying spirit, and when I was saying spirit I was saying hope.

Rasah Lapin

They are saying to me Rasah you have changed my life praise God I want to be more like you I have all your books Rasah! and I say That is so sweet gosh I am humbled by these words of yours I am just a humble servant of God will that be Visa or Mastercard?

Yes, Mr. President, Yes

The orange menace has a plan. They don’t know what it is—yet—but when they do they will say Yes, Mr. President. Whatever it is, they will say Yes. They will do his bidding, with zeal, only ever saying “Yes, Mr. President, Yes.”

To boil a frog

I was in an Upper Manhattan bar with Herbert J. Gans, around the time he was writing The War Against The Poor, and once again we were discussing media bias. Journalism would be better without objectivity, I argued. Better to… Read More ›