The President’s Spokesperson Speaks

They call me Betty but that is not my name. It’s one of the things they call me. There are many things that they call me but these things are only words. Words do not have literal meaning. That is a mistake made by the media—taking our words literally. When we use words it is the spirit of the words that matter not the literal meaning of the words. Everyone has a spirit of the word in his own head and that is the meaning for that person, or a meaning that is true for that person, which makes it true, just as my name is not Betty but people call me that, although I don’t recognize it as my name. I deny that my name is Betty. Betty is a word and a word is a sound in the mind. I am not Betty.

Yes I was named after my mother, Betty, but I am nothing like her. For one thing she is a man. That makes her my father, makes him my father, except I already have a father, or had one while he was living. When I was born one of my fathers was my mother, or how else could I have been born, of my father? My father opened his legs and out I came from the birth canal all wet from his placental fluids. That’s a bit too much detail, isn’t it, but it’s only words. Literally nothing is wet and I have not put an actual vagina inside your head. I am innocent of that charge. If you have a picture of my father’s monstrous vagina in your mind that is your doing, not mine, for all I said was that my father was my mother and that this is the only way I could have been born. You can’t prove otherwise.

What happened is this. On my thirteenth birthday my mother announced to us that she was a man. We were on a family vacation in Washington state—my father, my mother, my brother, and me. My other father was there also, beginning at that point when she became my father by announcing to us she would be moving out of the house and transitioning to male, whatever that means. I had never heard of such a thing, transitioning to male. My parents separated and my brother and I went to live with my was but is-not father not my going-to-be and is father who was my mother. To be clear: my other father (my mother once but to-be and now my father) was living and is living but will not be living at some point in the future, at which time I will have two not-living fathers who were once my living fathers.

I believe that the reason Mr. Crusher chose me to be his spokesperson is that I understand what it means to have a strong father. And because I believe it, it is true. I had two fathers which makes me twice as knowledgeable about fathers as those who have or have had or are going to have only one father. I believe that Mr. Crusher is our strong father, a strong father to the nation. I believe that he will make America great again because this is what a strong father does for his children, the children that he loves the way my father who was and is-not loved me and my father who was not but is and who was to-be when she was not loved me. They loved me as if I were their very own child, which I believe I was.

Did they adopt me? Well, that depends on what you mean by adopt. If you are thinking of something you once read in a dictionary then, yes, you could say that this word has some application to my case. What I said about emerging from the birth canal was accurate. I did do this. But the legs, the distended and rage-red vagina, the fluids, they all belonged to someone else, to another man entirely. What does it matter? The point is that this other man was also my father. As sure as I am sitting here (I may be standing, but in spirit I sit) I was born. I have parents, many of whom are my fathers. My claim to expertise rests on solid irrefutable ground. In fact, with the admission of this third father of mine I have only enhanced my credibility. So when I say the President is going to make America great again, you can take this to the bank. The bank of spirit, where they believe that your deposit is real, and so it is.

The media are destroying everything. They are not to be trusted. They are liars and criminals. For example—when Mr. Crusher says “A is A” they actually print these words, just as he said them, as if A ever could really be A, which is ridiculous. It could be A, but it could also be C. Or something altogether else, or nothing. What matters is the spirit of the thing, the way we feel on a given day, the effect we are hoping to accomplish, the world we want to create and believe in. Hope … yes, that is the word. That is the thing I have meant all along. Forget what I said earlier about spirit. I never used that terrible word. What I said was hope. Go back and read it and you’ll see. I would never say spirit. What on earth is a spirit? America wants hope, and that is what we are giving them.

The media are destroying hope. So are the billions of illegals who voted for the President’s opponent, Satan. That’s not her name, but it is her name. She is Satan. Many people are saying so. Many people believe it. The Bible says that Satan ought to be cast away. I believe that the Hebrew term for this casting away is prison. The reason you may not have heard of this Hebrew term is its suppression by the elites who wish to keep you in the dark about such things. The surest way to know that something has been suppressed is that you have not heard of it, except from me. The more outlandish something seems, the more certain it is an indisputable truth suppressed by the elites. For it would not seem outlandish if it were reported as a fact, by our dishonest media. But they don’t report facts, they report things that are outlandish but do not seem so because they report them as if they were facts. They deny that this is so, a sure indication that it is so. If they came right out and said they were guilty of dishonesty, we would know they spoke the truth. But they don’t do this at all, so we know that they are liars.

All you need to understand is that we are going to make America great again. Great is a word, and it is a spirit. Yes, I am saying spirit again. I did say it, it’s no contradiction on my part to have said I didn’t ever say it, for when I said hope I was saying spirit, and when I was saying spirit I was saying hope. You have to see what is in my mind, which is not the literal word you hear when I am speaking. And I am telling you in this moment what was in my mind when I spoke. I am telling you now. Disregard the word or what you thought was the word. Listen to what I am telling you now, only to what I am telling you now.


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