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Jian Ghomeshi and the Court of Public Opinion


EARLIER IN THE week I’d only just walked into my apartment when I was asked Had I heard the news? The news? This was my first of what are now numerous passive updates on—what shall I call it?—the Jian Ghomeshi debacle.

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Life After the Fords

John Tory

YES, IT’S TRUE that Rob Ford was elected to the Toronto municipal council in his Etobicoke ward—and, yes, it was a landslide: but the Ford era of this city is now in remission. When the counting of votes was complete, Doug had received 34% of the popular vote to John Tory’s 40%. When Olivia Chow’s take of 23% is added, it appears that two-thirds of the voters were finished with the circus, or the gutter, or whatever the personal metaphor happened to be.

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