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The Party

The evening of the party is like every other evening. They sit around the numberless tables in a vast well-lit space. It is a sea of humanity shrinking into the horizon. Ten are seated at each table. There is no theme to the evening, no thread that ties them. Some are dressed as for a formal occasion, but most are not. Each table is draped in white linen.

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Kalashnikov is On the Case

My name is Kalashnikov, it is true. The details of my history are of no consequence. They matter not, I will not dwell on them, it is best for the both of us. Whether I live or die, I no longer care. There was a time I cared, long ago, but let us pass over this. Soon I will be in the ground, or I will be dust on the air, I don’t care which. Whatever it is, I expect it will be final. Yes, I will be dead and gone and there will be no one to speak of it and nothing to say. A void and a nothing—not even an emptiness, in which a nothing. A not nothing not empty nothingness. Who can say for certain? To speak of it is to not speak of it, it is beyond speaking. So I will not speak of it.

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The Presidential Apprentice s01e03

The Presidential Apprentice        “You’re hired!” s01e03         11/22/2016




New York is a tough place, and that’s why I love it. I also love a good show. In this town everything is show business. You want to make it big? Then learn how to put on a show. I’m talking real drama. I know show business, and look where I am today. The White House!


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The Gettysburg Address

It was a huge number of years ago. I mean, I don’t know, like a hundred years. A hundred? Yeah, say about a hundred. It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. A tremendous number of years and our fathers, folks they were the best fathers, and they brought forth a new nation on this land, a free nation. Tremendous freedom. Freedom like you have never seen, believe me. And they said, listen, all men are created equal. So true. They said men but, you know, they said we’re equal.

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Bill Clinton hates this portrait. So obviously I love it

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.12.14 AM

AS EARLY AS 1993, I’ve thought Bill Clinton is a despicable human being.

Self-absorbed, manipulative, dishonest, vain, and driven by animal appetites and ego.

I remember him going out for a run, during his re-election campaign, and veering mid-way into a McDonald’s.

That’s Bill Clinton—a narcissistic boy-man who’s never met an intern or Big Mac he could resist.

Imagine having the power of an American President, and squandering it on Oval Office hand-jobs. Then, bombing Sudan to distract the country from your indiscretions.

The Clintons ate people who thought they were friends. Ate them and threw the bones to the wolves.

And for those who want to talk about Bill’s charity work—notice how he splashes his name in big bright letters over everything with which he’s associated.


So…I thoroughly enjoyed this Daily News article, headlined

Bill Clinton portrait in National Portrait Gallery has shadowy reference to Monica Lewinsky, reveals artist

Here are some of my favorite quotations:

“He’s probably the most famous liar of all time.”

“The country’s 42nd president was “terrified” to be painted by [Nelson] Shanks.”

“…he hid all fears with a relaxed smirk and bold stance…” [Bill Clinton almost always has a self-satisfied smirk on his face]


“When Clinton was not in the room, [the painter] says he set up a mannequin sporting a blue dress he likened to Lewinsky.”

“The Clintons hate the portrait.”

I wouldn’t be mentioning any of this, if Hillary were not likely to be running for President in the next election.

There should be a law preventing the Clintons, especially but not only Bill, from getting within 500 yards of the White House.

I wonder if they’d rent out the Lincoln bedroom, again, to their slick benefactors.

Also watch for the Clinton money to pour in, just like last time, from foreign dictatorships and oligarchs.

The Clintons. Yeck.