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The Roundtable Podcast 40

Week of 05.05.2013 Bangladesh Factory Fires | Syria | Left vs. Right: The Roundtable Goes Into the Weeds | Guns and Children | Canada Can’t Account for $3.1 Billion in Anti-Terror Expenditures | Søren Kierkegaard’s 200th Birthday | Cannibalism in Jamestown | Toronto Pastors Fleece Their Flock | Job Listing: Professional Porn Identifier

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Bill Hicks and the Comedy of Wishing Things Were Otherwise


THE TRAILER FOR Matt Harlock’s and Paul Thomas’s 2009 documentary film “The Bill Hicks Story” begins with a quotation attributed by Charles Walker to George Orwell in a 2000 book called My Few Wise Words of Wisdom: In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

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Notes On Adulthood In A Time Of Stress

The day that my son was born, I knew I’d passed irreversibly beneath the lintel demarcating the antechamber of my as it then seemed trivial youth from the salon of for-keeps adulthood. I expected as much. What I did not anticipate was the arresting shock of the first time staring into the depths of a mortgage amortization table, the reckoning with the fact that you are now a name and number in someone’s file, and that this constitutes a bond backed up by the full force of the state. What was I thinking, marching willfully into this arrangement?

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