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In English, this is called a coup

I SAW THIS SIGN on the subway:


The caption, which I wasn’t able to photograph in full, reads,

In 2050, the first spoken language in the world will be French

As an uncredentialled but 100% reliable brainologist, I point out that this sign does not say French will be the most-spoken language. But your brain processes it that way. And the creators of this sign, who are probably credentialed French brainologists, know this, and take advantage. I’m not saying this sign is lying. My point is much less bold and much less controversial than that …

Those French people are sneaky

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Podcast 12: The “Innocence” Video, Salman Rushdie, Peter Lougheed, TTC, Mitt Romney, and more

Podcast 012 | Week of 08.16.2012

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