The Uncanny Symmetry of Jennifer Lawrence and Me

Jennifer Lawrence

I HAVE A RULE that states I don’t write about sports or movie stars, but today I’m breaking that rule. It’s my website, so it’s my rules (broken). Hollywood keeps sticking their loud faces into my life, over and over, so I’m stealing Jennifer Lawrence from them and putting her on my website, for whatever meagre benefits I can gain. A few hundred people are going to land here now, totally by accident, and when they do I’ll be waiting with a big sign that says A-ha! But don’t leave right away, because this is a post about Jennifer Lawrence. Or to be more specific, it’s a post about all the things Jennifer Lawrence and I have in common. Yeah, it’s Jennifer Lawrence with a BONUS.



When you Google “Jennifer Lawrence” (see above), you get pictures grouped into the categories of “Movies,” “Body,” “Haircut,” Boyfriend” and “Hunger Games.”


Now Google “Wayne K. Spear” (you probably do this a lot already) and you will get a good idea of my haircuts over the years as well. My body is not included, but that’s probably due to a faulty algorithm or an oversight at headquarters, and I’m sure someone is getting complaint letters and looking into it. Also, you’ll see pictures of Julian Fantino, Michael Ignatieff and a policeman or concierge or something. That’s because we were all in a cop-buddy comedy film, back in the 1990s.



According to Wikipedia, Jennifer Lawrence has been active from 2006-present. I’ve been active all that time too. I’ve been in a band and I worked in an office and I flew places and stuff.

From The Official Website for Jennifer Lawrence (

Jennifer, known to her friends and family as “Jen”, was discovered in New York City at the age of 14. Before Jennifer became an actor, she was involved in cheerleading, field hockey, softball, and modeling, none of which she held a passion for.

I am also known to my friends and family (“Wayne”). At 14 it was discovered that I’d spent a week in New York City living on one slice of pizza a day because I stupidly went on a school trip with nothing but $20 before finding out if meals were included. (This is 100% true.) I also have no passion for cheerleading, field hockey, softball, and modeling.

After witnessing her first cold read, the agents told Jennifer’s mother that “it was the best cold read by a 14-year-old they had ever heard”, and tried to convince her mother that she needed to spend the summer in Manhattan.

I spent a year cold reading in college, whilst working on my doctoral thesis. I put my feet in a large tub of hot water drawn from the bath, and that seemed to help. Was it my best cold read? I like to think so.

Jennifer Lawrence has stated that “I’ve always studied people and been fascinated by their reactions and feelings. And I think that’s the best acting class you can take – watching real people, listening to them and studying them.”

Mm-hm, ditto.


– Jennifer Lawrence has never taken any acting or drama classes.
– I have never taken any acting or drama classes.
– Jennifer Lawrence can play guitar
– I can play guitar
– Jennifer Lawrence is a fan of Jeff Bridges
– I am a fan of Jeff Bridges
– In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence was named as having the “Sexiest eyes” by Victoria’s Secret What is Sexy List
– In 2012, I had eyes.
– Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite food is whole foods
– Definitely, yes, my favorite thing with food is to eat the whole thing

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