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Really, Isn’t It Time I Had A Lifestyle Empire?


THAT POOR GWYNETH PALTROW, and her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Only it’s more like months now, of Martha Stewart using code to trash her in editorials, and Chris Martin dating Jennifer Lawrence, and having her part in a movie taken by Nicole Kidman, and the Paltrow lifestyle business losing 1.6 million dollars. Or maybe that’s pounds, and not the kind Gwyneth is trying to lose on her kale juice, carrot soup and balsamic-miso-root-salad diet. Rumour is she’s either trying to get fit for a movie role, or she’s detoxing from a martini she had a couple weeks ago. I have a good martini detox, btw, and I call it another martini.

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The Uncanny Symmetry of Jennifer Lawrence and Me

Jennifer Lawrence

I HAVE A RULE that states I don’t write about sports or movie stars, but today I’m breaking that rule. It’s my website, so it’s my rules (broken). Hollywood keeps sticking their loud faces into my life, over and over, so I’m stealing Jennifer Lawrence from them and putting her on my website, for whatever meagre benefits I can gain. A few hundred people are going to land here now, totally by accident, and when they do I’ll be waiting with a big sign that says A-ha! But don’t leave right away, because this is a post about Jennifer Lawrence. Or to be more specific, it’s a post about all the things Jennifer Lawrence and I have in common. Yeah, it’s Jennifer Lawrence with a BONUS.

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