The End of Month Roundup


HOWDY, and welcome to the End-of Month-Roundup—which for the month of July is coming to you at the beginning of August. That’s because this was a busy and exciting month. Let’s review.

If you’ve been watching this site, you know that two books of mine were released this month. One of them, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Real Things Real People Are Really Doing, is available as a download here. Copies of the other, Full Circle: the Aboriginal Healing Foundation & the unfinished work of hope, healing & reconciliation, can be had by contacting me.

I’ve also been on the road, as you’ll see in the photo below—taken at the Assembly of First Nations AGA in Halifax—and I’ll be leaving again soon for beautiful British Columbia. And, as always, I’ve been working on new projects—prinicipal among them my comedy series Native Land Inc.


Recently, I had lunch with the President and CEO of NationTalk, Canada’s premiere Aboriginal newswire. I invite you to check out the website, where you’ll find—in addition to the wire service—job opportunities, event listings, a daily news digest, interviews and a business tender service. It’s a useful, high-quality site, and I’ll be working on projects with them in the future. Stay tuned for more on that.

The best way to get updates, by the way, is to subscribe to my monthly newsletter, A Life Sentence.

Not long ago I also posted episode 69 of The Roundtable Toronto podcast, so give that a listen if you haven’t already. You can follow the podcast Facebook page, and as always I can be found on Twitter.

One more thing I’d like to announce is that I’ll be introducing guest posts to my site! You may already have seen one of them—I Went to an Indian Residential School, and My Father was the Principal, by Mark DeWolf. If you have a proposal for a guest post, send it my way and we’ll talk.

Looking ahead, I can see already that August is going to be an incredible month. I hope you join me on this adventure. Send me a message and keep reading and keep the conversation going. Thank-you to me readers and subscribers for your support. I really appreciate it. Have a great summer! -W.


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