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The End of Month Roundup


HOWDY, and welcome to the End-of Month-Roundup—which for the month of July is coming to you at the beginning of August. That’s because this was a busy and exciting month. Let’s review.

If you’ve been watching this site, you know that two books of mine were released this month. One of them, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Real Things Real People Are Really Doing, is available as a download here. Copies of the other, Full Circle: the Aboriginal Healing Foundation & the unfinished work of hope, healing & reconciliation, can be had by contacting me.

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Updates and Such

A Children's History

GREETINGS, friends and comrades. Work continues apace on the book that Larry Loyie, Constance Brissenden and I are, for now, calling “Residential School: A Children’s History.” I am also putting the finishing touches to another book about the Indian Residential School System called Full Circle: a story of the Indian residential school legacy, the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, and reflections on the work of hope, healing, reconciliation and change. (That title may still change also. These things are not certain in the book trade until it’s in print and on the shelves.)

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