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How my school days prepared me for a world which doesn’t exist, and didn’t prepare me for the one that does


SCHOOL DAYS. They were so long ago, you probably don’t remember them. Or maybe what you remember didn’t happen.

I’m talking about you, not about me. My memories, of being the team captain and MVP, are as sound as any Ken Burns documentary. See how the camera pans across a photo of me, holding an electrified cattle prod to keep from being torn to pieces by sex-crazed females? It’s more dramatic with video, but that’s what you get when imaginary Ken Burns narrates the Dionysian out-in-the-woods madness that was your school days.

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The Kindness of Sinister Bitterness

The English language contains abundant terms both for approbation and contempt, most disclosing a bias of which its speakers are unaware. If, for example, you say that someone is “adroit” or “dextrous,” you invoke the moral privilege of the majority — a privilege grounded in the numerically dominant status of the right-handed. From the same source, the language derives “sinister,” the Latin word for left.

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Of Whisky, Pastis, Wagers, and Age

If you’ve not yet heard of it, let me be the first to inform you on September 23 the world’s “official” oldest living twins, according to the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records, attained the age of ninety-eight. Welsh twins Ena Pugh and Lily Millward, born 4 January 1910, contradict this Guinness designation, but never mind that. The Guinness twins recommend drink as an aid to longevity. That rather seals it, for me. Continue reading Of Whisky, Pastis, Wagers, and Age