Don’t go it alone

It takes a village to rock. ✎ By Wayne K. Spear

This is a story about Mick and Keith.

Steve Jobs wasn’t interested in computer circuitry, and Steve Wozniak didn’t believe there was a market for the machines he was making in his computer club.

Elton John can write a decent melody. Bernie Taupin has written some of pop music’s best-known lyrics. The two met in 1967 through an audition that both failed. When they joined forces, they succeeded.

In the 1980s, Mick Jagger tried (unsuccessfully) to become a solo superstar. Keith Richards once said that, together, he and Ron Wood were the best guitarists. He added that he and Ron were average individually.

A rock band is a division of labor, a team, a small corporation, and an alchemy.

Many of the most successful rock bands have had four members. Many personality assessments are four-factor. You can plot many rock bands on a DiSC graph.

DiSC Graph

I’ve created several rock bands, and I’ve worked with many corporations. Whatever you’re doing, think of it as a team effort, because it is. The alchemy of personality and talent is not arbitrary or mysterious. It can be assessed and measured. I know this.

Even if you are a novelist, you need a good team behind you.

Who is supporting your success? Do you have mentors, collaborators, colleagues, partners, and role models?

The lesson of Mick, Steve, Elton, and Paul is that you can’t do it on your own.

Don’t go it alone.

2 thoughts on “Don’t go it alone”

  1. Thank-you for these thoughts, Maggie. You’ve been a support to so many people over the years, and you’ve shared your wisdom with me as well. I’m sorry to hear that your husband is sick. I hadn’t heard from you in a while but I think about you. I always enjoy our calls. Hope I will see you soon. -W.


  2. I think there are different kinds of people. you use bands as your example. I use sports. There are boxers. they have a team of sorts. a coach, publicist and some others. then you have a ball club and there you a a bigger team. I think the true connection is in spirit. when we are connected with others in spirit then we have a different kind of team. social marketing in health is an example of that. people you are not directly connected with are connected with others who build a movement.

    When we are connected in spirit we create a synergy of shared vision. We always have family, friends or we usually have community of sorts. like when I was a kids waiting out side the bar for my mom to come out. the street people kept an eye on us. if “others” bothered us they would say to them leave those kids alone., they are waiting for their mom. Did I know their names? nope. We were community of the street.

    It is up to each of us to reach out to our community and when we feel we can’t then it is that time we need to do exacly what we don’t have the energy to do. pick up the phone. for myself it is seeing the god in each other. creator works through people who care. that is how love is shown in my life. I agree we should not go it alone because when we do that we are blind to creator working through others.

    I enjoy your frankness and your thoughts stimulate my thinking world. so when you write. you write for me and the many others whose spirit is touched with your words. thanks for touching my spirit on the many days that I search for opening my world outside my house. outside my home with my husband who is quite sick. my world can be small on some days worrying about him. you open my world up with your provocative thinking. mags


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