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The Roundtable Podcasts, 2012 to present.

Podcast 95: “Indigenous, Canadian, Indigenous-Canadian, or….” How do you identify?

Podcast Season 5

Thank-you to my guests this week: Chelsea Vowel, Brooke Torgerson, Carey Newman, Conrad Saulis, Doug Jarvis, Karen Lawford, and Nahnda Garlow

Podcast 94: Celebrating the Work of Cree Author, Larry Loyie, with Constance Brissenden

Podcast Season 5

Visit the Living Traditions Writers Group website to learn more about Larry’s work. You can also order the iBook version of Residential Schools with the words and images of Survivors here.

Podcast 93: Money and Personal Finance, with Terry Goodtrack

Podcast Season 5

Visit the AFOA Canada website