Commonplacing Considered

FOR THE PAST twenty years and more I’ve maintained a collection of quotations in black, made-in-Czechoslovakia, Pragotrade-branded volumes. This sort of collection is known as a “commonplace book,” and the keeping of one commonplacing. I take such care to mention… Read More ›

Pablo Neruda

There was a moment in an interview I conducted in the 1990s with American social documentary photographer, Milton Rogovin, at which it occurred to me that I had arrived at a single degree of separation from the great Chilean poet… Read More ›

Today, A Poem

Three Pathetic Fallacies River is a lonely geography, the silence of its endless course colder than any corpse. Sloppy hands ascend, eager as fish, to touch the dimpled pink of flesh. There is a jag in the sky that bleeds… Read More ›