What’s in it for me?

Look, I know what you’re thinking. “Should I read this? What’s in it for me?” The studies of Internet reading habits (and there are many) suggest that you have already left and that I’m now talking to myself.

Subscribe and Win!

GREETINGS, friends and comrades! To celebrate the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Real Things Real People Are Really Doing, this Wednesday at noon I’ll be drawing two names at random from among my monthly newsletter subscribers. Each of… Read More ›

Commonplacing Considered

FOR THE PAST twenty years and more I’ve maintained a collection of quotations in black, made-in-Czechoslovakia, Pragotrade-branded volumes. This sort of collection is known as a “commonplace book,” and the keeping of one commonplacing. I take such care to mention… Read More ›

Supposing It Happens

What will you do when you become a billionaire? Well, supposing you do. Become a billionaire. You’ve got to think about something while you’re supposed to be working. Of course, the work day is almost over. When you’re finished, you’ll… Read More ›

Making Love

1. The first thing we need to clarify is the terminology. Making love is not to be confused with having sex. To make love is, as the phrase suggests, to make. To have sex is, conversely, to have. To have… Read More ›

Seeing The Light

Part One: He was born in poverty and darkness He made a few mistakes in the beginning, because he was born in poverty and in darkness. I’ve selected, arranged, itemized and interpreted them for you. -He fooled around a lot,… Read More ›

Fooling Ourselves

You’re fooling yourself. The first sure indication that you are fooling yourself is that you begin to hide things. Look under your bed. Right now. I’ll wait for you here. Well? What did you see? Come on, you can tell… Read More ›