The Roundtable Podcasts, 2012 to present.

The Roundtable Podcast 50!

• Week of 18.08.2013 Egypt mulling Muslim Brotherhood ban as forces storm Islamist-held mosque | The U.S. government has finally confirmed the existence of Area 51 | Canada’s military forced to accept fatter, less educated recruits as demographics change, audit… Read More ›

The Roundtable Podcast 48

• Week of 21.07.2013 Boston suspect Tsarnaev ‘manhunt photos’ leaked | Detroit bankruptcy: Is it a warning sign of things to come? | President Obama: “Trayvon Martin could have been me thirty-five years ago” | Recommended Article: Makers of War,… Read More ›

The Roundtable Podcast 47

• Week of 23.06.2013 The National Research Centre for Residential Schools | The GOP’s Jaw Dropping “Scientific” Theories | Half of First Nations Children Live in Poverty, Says New Study | Recommended Article: Diary of Second World War German teenager… Read More ›

The Roundtable Podcast 45

• Week of 09.06.2013 Conservative MPs Used Like ‘Trained Seals’ | Benjamin Franklin, Canada Post’s Founding Father | Calgary Man Fined for Fossil Trafficking | Thirty Years Ago This Week: U2 Live at Red Rocks | Recommended Video: VICE: High… Read More ›

The Roundtable Podcast 40

• Week of 05.05.2013 — Bangladesh Factory Fires | Syria | Left vs. Right: The Roundtable Goes Into the Weeds | Guns and Children | Canada Can’t Account for $3.1 Billion in Anti-Terror Expenditures | Søren Kierkegaard’s 200th Birthday |… Read More ›