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FORD NATION: the game (a Roundtable Exclusive)

FORD-NATION: the game

Game requirements: Two to four players, one die, play or real money (you only need 100s and 500s), player pieces, rule sheet, beverages. To play: Cast die and advance clockwise, or west to east, beginning at the lime green Etobicoke circle. Follow instructions on circles as you land. Only collect/pay on the four city circles (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough and Downtown) when you land on them, not if you pass over. Be the first to collect $3,000 and you get to go to the crack house at 15 Windsor Road (WIN!) Enjoy.

The Roundtable Podcast 56

Week of 01.12.2013 | Black Friday


Black Friday shopping in US marred by violence | ‘This isn’t Toronto,’ sheriff says after U.S. mayor’s drug arrest | Afghanistan to reintroduce public stoning as punishment for adultery | Game: Finish the Headline | Featured Article: Rumsfeld’s War and Its Consequences Now | Syria war ‘damaging a generation of children’, UN warns | Music: Queens of the Stone Age | Feds spend $40 million to pitch natural resources | Feds to monitor social media round-the-clock | New Snowden docs show U.S. spied during G20 in Toronto | Highlights from Boring Tweeter ‏@b0ringtweets | Teacher’s attempt to educate students on Internet safety turns into weird viral science lesson | Meindfeld | Why I Keep a Spreadsheet of Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With

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So Rob Ford Wants a War? Let’s Make Sure He Gets It

ROB FORD, henceforth the pro forma Mayor of Toronto, delivered a short statement just before Toronto city council moved to deplete his staff, privileges, budget and authority. After a brief introductory flourish, congratulating the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for their recent victory, came a patchwork of personal anecdote, Bible verse and self-justification lumped together in an effort to discredit Ford’s fellow municipal councillors. His closing was of special note, striking as is so often the case with a Ford self-defence that irritating mixture of self-pity and belligerent menace:

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The Roundtable Podcast 55

Week of 17.11.2013


Rob Ford: The week that was | Councillor not ruling out snap election to oust Mayor Ford | Rob Ford-coached football player charged in Christopher Skinner murder | Russian artist nails his genitals to Moscow’s Red Square in front of tourists to protest ‘police state’ | Recommended Article: Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei built vast US$95B business empire through systematic seizure of properties | Quiz: Finish the Headline | Study urges privacy policy before widespread use of drones | Music: Songs: Ohia – “Just Be Simple” | Palestinian officials: Israel only suspect in Arafat death | Experts Rule Out Homicide in Death of Pablo Neruda | Florida Man Gets Stuck In Chimney Trying To Rob House | Scientists recreate genome of giant Ice Age animals, including huge cave bear, using new technique

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The Rob Ford Apology: A Bit Churchill, A Bit Lincoln


WITH SO MANY items from which to choose, it was inspiring to see the great Rob Ford, Canada’s bestest mayor ever, taking the courageous and principled course by candidly admitting guilt in what is doubtless his most outrageous crime. On his radio program this weekend Rob Ford admitted that he drank a touch too much on St Patrick’s Day (something looked upon with horror and disgust in this city and elsewhere) and that he’ll try to slow it down a bit, that is if he plans afterward to leave his basement. No promises, people, because who on earth can promise not to get hammered and make a public ass of oneself. Be realistic. Even the best mayor Toronto has ever had (Rob Ford, obviously) can’t promise you unicorns and sunshine and your own private Idaho.

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The Roundtable Podcast 53

Week of 13.10.2013 | “SEND IN THE CLOWNS”

Sam Hyde

Christian delusions are driving the GOP insane | Quebec physicians ordered to stop performing virginity tests | Vatican withdraws Pope Francis medals after spelling Jesus’ name wrong | Mike Duffy billed Senate $65,000 to pay friend for ‘no tangible work,’ RCMP alleges | Recommended Article: I got hired at a Bangladesh sweatshop. Meet my 9-year-old boss | This Comedian Hijacks a TED Talk And Basically Makes A Fool Out of Every “Thought Leader” Ever | Daniel Noehl Calls Police After Being Stiffed In Drug Deal | Music: Paul McCartney “New” | Charges that Canada spied on Brazil unveil CSEC’s inner workings | Scarborough residents report receiving robocalls after Toronto municipal Councillor Ainslie steps down | Giorgio Mammoliti is Back on the Toronto Executive Committee

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The Roundtable Podcast 48

Week of 21.07.2013 Rolling Stone Cover

Boston suspect Tsarnaev ‘manhunt photos’ leaked | Detroit bankruptcy: Is it a warning sign of things to come? | President Obama: “Trayvon Martin could have been me thirty-five years ago” | Recommended Article: Makers of War, by Matthieu Aikins | War not part of human nature: Science study | Russian Security Now Using Typewriters to Thwart the NSA | Russian band Pussy Riot release new anti-Putin video | ‘Pink Mass’ Has Made Westboro Baptist Church Founder’s Mom Gay In Afterlife, Satanists Claim | Charities should reject Gawker’s ‘Crackstarter’ funds

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The Roundtable Podcast 46

Week of 16.06.2013

james joyceToronto Raid | Mac Harb | James Joyce | Psychics | Recommended Article: Disease Outbreak Threatens the Future of Good Coffee | Greece Shuts Down State Broadcaster | Ten years of Same-Sex Marriage in Ontario | Revelation of Nazi Unit Leader Living in US

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The Roundtable Podcast 44

Week of 01.06.2013

Dr. Henry Morgentaler

How to Get Rob Ford to Call You a Racist | Henry Morgentaler | Town in Northern Ireland Turns into Virtual Potemkin Village Ahead of G8 | The Zombie Plan for Middle East Peace | Recommended Article: How the Rob Ford Crack Scandal Could Save Toronto | Game: “The Puffster” | The 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee | Nigeria Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Gay Marriage | 32 Killed in Iraq Attacks as May Toll Crosses 600

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Rob Ford is an Effect, Not a Cause, and We’ll Survive Him

Rob Ford

AS I WRITE this it is impossible to say whether the drama surrounding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s alleged new high constitutes an actual new low, but drama does seem to be the word of the moment. Exactly one year ago I moved to this city, and in the time since I have witnessed the restless strut and fret of local municipal politics, the principal player of the stage forever availing himself to fresh tales full of sound and fury.

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The Roundtable Podcast 43

Week of 26.05.2013

The Woolwich Attack | Rob Ford Denies Being an Addict | Orthodox Christian Priests Organize LGBT Attack in Georgia | Ai Weiwei Releases Metal Song | Judge Orders Lesbian Couple to Split, Citing Texas “Morality Clause” | Game: “Finish the Headline” | Using Honeybees to Find Land Mines | Driver Hits Cyclist and is Caught After Tweeting About It | 3-D Printing of Body Parts

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On Getting a Haircut

TODAY I HAD my hair cut at one of the many hip Toronto salons, and I found myself recalling the many haircuts I’ve had. Long ago, when my youthful hair was of unadulterated pepper, a haircut meant a visit to the barber. I don’t know that the word style was of any application to the trade, and in either case what a boy got from the barber of the 1950s to the early ’70s was always the same, at every visit and for every boy. I can’t imagine my mid-century european barbers, who had wielded a scissors and straight-razor through war and possibly also the Depression, submitting to the modish term hair stylist. But then, these were the days before everything, even life itself, became a style.

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Remembering Jack Layton: 1950-2011

I WAS INFORMED of the death earlier this morning of Federal New Democratic Party leader, Jack Layton, by Twitter. There, in an uninterrupted chain of entries numbering in the dozens (and perhaps into the hundreds: I gave up counting) were expressions of sorrow. Never have I seen such universalism of sentiment, such spontaneous participation in a mood which appears to have touched everyone, really everyone, down to a person.