RTRPARD at 20: Yes, I have a book that’s old enough to buy booze

Real Things Cover

LATER THIS MONTH, I’ll be releasing a special 20th anniversary edition of my 1994 hit collection of stories entitled Real Things Real People Are Really Doing. Available as a download at waynekspear.com—for a limited time only!—this 20th anniversary edition will include a new story and my reflections on the making of RTRPARD. What a time it was. My only regret is that my book can’t actually drink beer. Look for it July 30, 2014.

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Why Would Anyone Want to Be the National Chief of the AFN?


THE ASSEMBLY of First Nations 35th Annual General Assembly, held last week in Halifax, was remarkable more for what wasn’t said than what was. The name of the former national chief was seldom spoken, and the consensus appeared to be for a reconstitution of the leadership as quickly as possible, better to put behind the recent—and unprecedented—disruption.

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Life Itself, a review


I WAS NOT A devotee of Roger Ebert, but Life Itself makes me wish I’d paid more attention to a career that transversed more than five decades.

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Help Me Finish This Quilt Story


BACK WHEN I WAS the Managing Editor of a literary magazine, I introduced something I called Quilt Fiction. The idea was simple: I asked readers to mail me a sentence—this was before Internet and email—that an editor could quilt into a story composed of all the entries. We also did a poetry version of this exercise, the Quilt Poem. It was a lot of fun, both for the magazine’s editors and readers I also added that if you sent your name and a short bio, I’d publish these in the credits. After decades of absence, today I’m re-introducing my Quilt Fiction to my Internet readers.

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